Work Packages

PERT chart of the ΣIDERWIN project

Work Package 1 - Project management 

Leader: AMMR; Participants: All partners Duration: M1-M60

To develop an effective and comprehensive technical, administrative and financial management to ensure the successful execution of the ΣIDERWIN project and the achievements of its objectives. 


Work Package 2 - Specifications of the pilot with key components in a relevant environment

Leader: AMMR; Participants: AMMR, CMI, EDF, TECNALIA Duration: M1-M6

A future industrial electrowinning plant will be composed by several cells. The pilot developed in this project will be composed by one elementary cell. The main input of this task is the existing ULCOWIN cell developed at laboratory scale (TRL 4).

The objective of this WP is to define the specifications and operating parameters of a pilot system which will allow the demonstration of the TRL 6.


Work Package 3 – Simulation and design of the optimal prototype cell

Leader: CFD Numerics; Participants: AMMR, CMI, EDF, CFD, AU Duration: M2-M24

The objective is to develop a full comprehensive CFD model of an Iron Electrowinning Cell to design a pilot installation.

To achieve these requirements, a complete CFD model of the cell will be developed and operated to help all partners to design an optimised pilot cell.

The CFD model will integrate all the necessary sub-models to take into account such as full potential and current density resolution in the entire domain, generation of oxygen bubbles at the anode, hematite particle transport, flow of the electrolyte and endothermic reaction and Joule effect in the electrolyte and anode/cathode overpotentials.


Work Package 4 - Pilot development and optimisation of the process parameters

Leader: CMI; Participants: CMI, EDF, TEC, NTNU Duration: M6-M24

The objectives of this WP are the following:

  • To select the most appropriate equipment, instruments and controls of the pilot
  • To develop the full size pilot according to the detailed drawings
  • To integrate the pilot on ArcelorMittal’s site


Work Package 5 - Process operating

Leader: AMMR; Partners: AMMR, CMI, EDF, CFD, Tec, MYTIL, NTUA Duration: M24-M60

The objectives of this WP are the following:

  • To operate the pilot with its main components
  • To evaluate the pilot’s performance (energy efficiency, Faradaic efficiency, quality of the produced steel, etc.) on ArcelorMittal’s site
  • To implement a tool for helping in the definition of the optimal process parameters
  • To set up a protocol for the integration of the pilot with RES
  • To study the compatibility of the pilot with alternative supply of iron oxide


Work Package 6 - Alternative raw material study

Leader: NTUA; Partners: AMMR, CMI, AU, MYTIL, NTUA, NTNU Duration: M1-M60

The objective of this WP is to study the use of alternative raw materials in the ULCOWIN process, in particular waste from the Bayer process applied in aluminium industry.

The Bayer process digests bauxite ore in highly alkaline solutions to dissolve alumina without dissolving the iron, titanium and other oxides found in the ore. The undissolved part of the bauxite ore forms the bauxite residue (BR) by-product stream, which is produced as a red alkaline slurry (hence the common term “red mud”). In Mytilineos the residue produced contains 42-45% iron oxides (as hematite and goethite).


Work Package 7 - Techno-economic and environmental assessments

Leader: Quantis; Partners: AMMR, CMI, EDF, Qua, TEC, N-S Duration: M1-M60

The objectives of this WP are the following:

  • Assess how the ULCOWIN process can contribute to the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) integration in Europe
  • Perform a techno-economic study of the process through the establishment of economical scenarios of the electricity demand resulting from the development of electricity based steel production processes
  • Evaluate the life cycle environmental and cost performance of the investigated process by means of environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC)
  • Guide the design and development of the investigated electrochemical process towards more sustainable solutions


Work Package 8 - Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Leader: Tecnalia; Partners: AMMR, CMI, EDF, Qua, TEC, Dyn Duration: M1-M60

The main objective of this WP is to ensure the maximum impact of the ΣIDERWIN project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitation activities and to develop a structure to assure the continuity of ΣIDERWIN project after the project end.