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The public deliverables are accesible by joining the Special Interest Group or by an explicit request through the contact us section.

WP1. Project Management

  • D1.3 Collaborative Portal (December 2017 CO): This document describes the collaborative platform created to ease the communication between the partners and support the project management functions such as task assignments, time-managing deadlines and documents sharing.

WP2. Specifications of the pilot with the key components in a relevant environment

WP3. Simulation and design of the optimal prototype cell

WP4. Pilot Development and optimisation of the process parameters

WP5. Process operating

WP6. Alternative raw material study

WP7. Techno-economic and environmental assesments

WP8. Communitation, dissemination and exploitation

  • D8.1 Project Website (December 2017 Public): This document includes the description of the structure of  the website.
  • D8.2 Master Dissemination and Communication Plan and Updates (M6 March 2018 Public): This document describes the initial Dissemination and Communication Plan of SIDERWIN project.