TECNALIA Research & Innovation is a private, independent, non-profit applied research centre of international excellence, employing 1400 people (229 PhDs) from 30 different nationalities, whose mission is "to transform technology into GDP". It leads state of the art technology research either by itself or collaborating with other private companies and public institutions. Fields of interest are Health & Aging, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital and Hyperconnected World, Urban Habitat, Low Carbon Energy, and Climate Change and Resources Management. TECNALIA is actively involved in international and local research projects and is a relevant actor in technological platforms as EARTO, EUROTECH and JIIP. It collaborates with Universities, Research Centres and Private Institutions all over the world.

The activities for the steel manufacturing sector are based on developing and improving product quality and optimising process parameters to reduce costs, time and environmental impact. A deep expertise has been acquired for the last 50 years in R&D projects for the metallurgical sector, as fluid dynamics and fluid flow modelling; development of predictive systems (based on mathematical models and/or data driven models) and complex systems optimisation; data analysis using artificial intelligence to identify, select and estimate the key process parameters and its most relevant features; and embedded systems for data acquisition and signal processing. Necessary means of laboratories and SW simulation tools are available and used by highly qualified personnel.