Friday, 2022, June 17 - 16:47

The 3rd Review Meeting with the Project Officer and Technical Expert will take place on the 30th of June and the 1st of July in Brussels. 

Tuesday, 2022, May 31 - 12:48

Valentine WEBER-ZOLLINGER replaces Hervé LAVELAINE as project coordinator

Friday, 2022, May 20 - 11:01

The 3rd Review Meeting with the Project Officer and Technical Expert has been postponed. However, the Consortium maintains the date of the 23rd and 24th of May, and they will visit the pilot plant. 

Monday, 2022, May 16 - 12:14

The 3rd Review Meeting with the Project Officer Lucia Fernandez Macia will take place on 23rd and 24th of May 2022, at ArcelorMittal Maizieres facilities. During the meeting, it is planned a visit to the SIDERWIN Pilot Plant.

Thursday, 2022, March 24 - 17:37

Released Siderwin newsletter N.7. Link

Thursday, 2022, March 17 - 14:44

The timelapse video showing the SIDERWIN pilot plant erection is now available in our YouTube channel.

Thursday, 2022, March 17 - 14:40

During last webinar a lot of questions arose from attendes and could not be answered in live. 

All these questions were gathered in a document, and they are now available for download.

Monday, 2021, December 13 - 12:24

ΣIDERWIN: A breakthrough technology to decarbonize primary steel production through direct electrification

The recording of the webinar is now available at the following link.

The slides can be download here.


Monday, 2021, September 20 - 13:43

SIDERWIN: A breakthrough technology to decarbonize primary steel production through direct electrification

24th November from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. CET

The webinar is freely accessible for registered participants. 

Registration is available here 


Tuesday, 2021, September 7 - 10:18

This time our colleague Efthymios Balomenos, who works at Mytilineos, explains in this interview his point of view about the SIDERWIN project.

Friday, 2021, July 30 - 10:49

Works at the SIDERWIN pilot are about to finish. First tests will take place in early September.

Thursday, 2021, July 29 - 11:08

Our colleagues at the University of Aveiro published in open access “Alkaline Electrochemical Reduction of a Magnesium Ferrospinel into Metallic Iron for the Valorisation of Magnetite-Based Metallurgical Waste” . 

This research work ...


Wednesday, 2021, July 7 - 14:50

The SIDERWIN webinar will be held on November 24, 2021.

Save the date in your agenda and keep an eye on website and social media to register. 

Friday, 2021, June 11 - 13:52

Public Deliverable 7.1 "Framework of the Techno-Economic and Environmental Assesment" is now available through Documents section.

Wednesday, 2021, June 9 - 12:10

Work continues in the SIDERWIN building. Maintenance equipment is being delivered and electricity works are going on. 


Tuesday, 2021, June 1 - 10:07

Our colleagues Sevasti Koutsoupa and Stavroula Koutalidi from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) show in this interesting video, 


Monday, 2021, May 24 - 11:58

Last 5th May local politicians visited the SIDERWIN pilot.

Wednesday, 2021, May 12 - 09:32

Cédric Flandre and Andrea Baldini of John Cockerill are the Technical Project Manager and ...

Tuesday, 2021, April 27 - 09:42

Last week our colleagues from NTUA participated in the Hydrometec Learning Course 

Friday, 2021, April 23 - 12:32

Recoy enters officially in the siderwin consortium in April 2021, after N-Side phased out the project due to business core organizational changes. 

Friday, 2021, April 23 - 09:35

The electrowinning cell was mounted this Tuesday. And most of the mechanical and piping work will be completed this week. 

Tuesday, 2021, April 20 - 16:20

Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal.


Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal, seeking steel production by electrochemical reduction within the scope of the SIDERWIN project. CICECO...

Monday, 2021, April 12 - 19:41

Now available at our YouTube channel

Wednesday, 2021, March 24 - 09:08

After 1 month of work, the framework erection is now completed.

Monday, 2021, March 15 - 21:45

The 5th edition of SIDERWIN newsletter is now available in documents/others section.

Monday, 2021, March 15 - 21:43

In February 2021 started SIDERWIN pilot plant erection.

Tuesday, 2020, March 17 - 21:48

The General Assembly in Lausanne will be replaced by a teleconference due to Covid19. 

Friday, 2019, December 20 - 11:24

SIDERWIN coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine, participated in the SET Plan Action 6 NETWORKING EVENT that took place in Brussels on 4th of December 2019. 

Friday, 2019, December 20 - 11:02

Direct Electrolysis steelmaking is one of the Clean Power Steelmaking routes stablished in the ArcelorMital's roadmap to achieve the 30% target that have the potential to deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Monday, 2019, November 11 - 10:48

SIDERWIN Webinar, planned for the end of 2019, is postponed.


Wednesday, 2019, October 9 - 17:15

Visiting the alumina and aluminium plant of Mytilineos, Metallurgy BU during the M24 Steering Committee.

The bauxite residue produced there, as a by-product of the alumina refinery, has proven to be a promising raw material for iron production through the SIDERWIN process. An exciting and rare chance for industrial symbiosis between two traditional competitive metal sectors!

Wednesday, 2019, September 11 - 15:02

With the participation of Hervé Lavelaine (SIDERWIN Project Coordinator) taking part of the breakout session 3B “Decarbonizing Industry” of Track B “Decarbonizing Buildings and Industry” held on Oct. 17th, 9:00am – 12:30am

More information are available on the website :

Monday, 2019, June 10 - 13:05

SIDERWIN video will be shown at John Cockerill's stand during METEC 2019 (25-28 of June), where our project coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge, will present his lecture “SIDERWIN project: electrification of primary steel production for direct CO2 emission avoidance” during the session Efficiency increase and CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking: Carbon direct avoidance (27 June / 09:00 - Room 13).

Thursday, 2019, May 23 - 10:25

The work for the building that will host the SIDERWIN pilot has sarted.

Tuesday, 2019, May 14 - 11:43

The Project Coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge, will attend the METEC - ESTAD 2019 in Dusseldorf with his lecture “SIDERWIN project: electrification of primary steel production for direct CO2 emission avoidance”

Monday, 2019, May 6 - 12:23

A webinar will be organised at the end of 2019. The date will be communicated after summer.

Tuesday, 2019, March 26 - 16:54
Monday, 2019, February 18 - 13:10
Wednesday, 2018, February 21 - 18:47

POSTPONED due to a general strike of the French railway company.

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