SIDERWIN Team: Dr. Daniela Lopes

Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal.


Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal, seeking steel production by electrochemical reduction within the scope of the SIDERWIN project. CICECO...

CICECO is part of the University of Aveiro, elected as the largest and best-rated Materials Science and Engineering institute by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology, with several industry partnerships. Daniela completed the Doctoral Program in Advanced Materials and Processing in July 2020, involving the University of Coimbra (host university) and the University of Aveiro (CICECO). Her PhD studies focused on designing porous ceramics materials mimicking iron-rich wastes for the electrochemical reduction of the iron oxides to iron in alkaline media. The attempt of red mud waste valorisation by electroreduction was one of the main targets, meeting the objectives of the SIDERWIN project. Since then, she has been researching the effect of the presence of low conductive components (Al, Mg) on the electrochemical reduction of iron oxides to iron. Daniela aims to find an efficient strategy for recovering valuable metals during steel and alloys production, contributing to the development and industrialisation of the electrochemical reduction technology as a CO2-lean alternative to the conventional steel production approach.