Siderwin Presentations

  • SIDERWIN Questions asked by particpants during the concluding webinar of 23 March 2023 Access here
  • SIDERWIN Concluding webinar slides 23 March 2023 Access here
  • SIDERWIN Questions&Answers from the webinar 24 Nov 2021 Access here 
  • SIDERWIN webinar slides 24 Nov 2021 Access here
  • SIDERWIN general presentation (2018). Access here

Siderwin in Press

  • EUROFER - A Green Deal on Steel video series - episode 5, Carbon Direct Avoidance: pathway and projects (August 2020). Access here.
  • SET Plan Action 6 NETWORKING EVENT (December 2019) Access here
  • France bets on another route to fossil-free steel (SIDERWIN mentioned in Swedish technical magazine NyTeknik, May 2019). Access here
  • Tecnalia works to reduce direct CO2 emissions in steel manufacture (Siderwin mentioned in the Spanish magazine Estrategia Empresarial, April 2019). Access here
  • SIDERWIN Production of steel free of CO2. (SIDENEWS nº 14) December 2018
  • Massive production of primary steel (DECHEMA 23/11/2018). Access here