Friday, 2021, June 11 - 13:52

Public Deliverable 7.1 "Framework of the Techno-Economic and Environmental Assesment" is now available through Documents section.

Wednesday, 2021, June 9 - 12:10

Work continues in the SIDERWIN building. Maintenance equipment is being delivered and electricity works are going on. 


Tuesday, 2021, June 1 - 10:07

Our colleagues Sevasti Koutsoupa and Stavroula Koutalidi from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) show in this interesting video, 


Monday, 2021, May 24 - 11:58

Last 5th May local politicians visited the SIDERWIN pilot.

Wednesday, 2021, May 12 - 09:32

Cédric Flandre and Andrea Baldini of John Cockerill are the Technical Project Manager and ...

Tuesday, 2021, April 27 - 09:42

Last week our colleagues from NTUA participated in the Hydrometec Learning Course 

Friday, 2021, April 23 - 12:32

Recoy enters officially in the siderwin consortium in April 2021, after N-Side phased out the project due to business core organizational changes. 

Friday, 2021, April 23 - 09:35

The electrowinning cell was mounted this Tuesday. And most of the mechanical and piping work will be completed this week. 

Tuesday, 2021, April 20 - 16:20

Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal.


Dr. Daniela Lopes is a research fellow at CICECO – University of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Portugal, seeking steel production by electrochemical reduction within the scope of the SIDERWIN project. CICECO...

Monday, 2021, April 12 - 19:41

Now available at our YouTube channel

Wednesday, 2021, March 24 - 09:08

After 1 month of work, the framework erection is now completed.

Monday, 2021, March 15 - 21:45

The 5th edition of SIDERWIN newsletter is now available in documents/others section.

Monday, 2021, March 15 - 21:43

In February 2021 started SIDERWIN pilot plant erection.

Tuesday, 2020, March 17 - 21:48

The General Assembly in Lausanne will be replaced by a teleconference due to Covid19. 

Friday, 2019, December 20 - 11:24

SIDERWIN coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine, participated in the SET Plan Action 6 NETWORKING EVENT that took place in Brussels on 4th of December 2019. 

Friday, 2019, December 20 - 11:02

Direct Electrolysis steelmaking is one of the Clean Power Steelmaking routes stablished in the ArcelorMital's roadmap to achieve the 30% target that have the potential to deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Monday, 2019, November 11 - 10:48

SIDERWIN Webinar, planned for the end of 2019, is postponed.


Wednesday, 2019, October 9 - 17:15

Visiting the alumina and aluminium plant of Mytilineos, Metallurgy BU during the M24 Steering Committee.

The bauxite residue produced there, as a by-product of the alumina refinery, has proven to be a promising raw material for iron production through the SIDERWIN process. An exciting and rare chance for industrial symbiosis between two traditional competitive metal sectors!

Wednesday, 2019, September 11 - 15:02

With the participation of Hervé Lavelaine (SIDERWIN Project Coordinator) taking part of the breakout session 3B “Decarbonizing Industry” of Track B “Decarbonizing Buildings and Industry” held on Oct. 17th, 9:00am – 12:30am

More information are available on the website :

Monday, 2019, June 10 - 13:05

SIDERWIN video will be shown at John Cockerill's stand during METEC 2019 (25-28 of June), where our project coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge, will present his lecture “SIDERWIN project: electrification of primary steel production for direct CO2 emission avoidance” during the session Efficiency increase and CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking: Carbon direct avoidance (27 June / 09:00 - Room 13).

Thursday, 2019, May 23 - 10:25

The work for the building that will host the SIDERWIN pilot has sarted.

Tuesday, 2019, May 14 - 11:43

The Project Coordinator, Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge, will attend the METEC - ESTAD 2019 in Dusseldorf with his lecture “SIDERWIN project: electrification of primary steel production for direct CO2 emission avoidance”

Monday, 2019, May 6 - 12:23

A webinar will be organised at the end of 2019. The date will be communicated after summer.

Tuesday, 2019, March 26 - 16:54
Monday, 2019, February 18 - 13:10
Wednesday, 2018, February 21 - 18:47

POSTPONED due to a general strike of the French railway company.

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